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Steel building frame

Steel is one of the most useful metals known to man and is used in everything from silverware to skyscrapers and almost everything in between. Steel is an alloy of iron which is found as ore in the Earth’s crust. Since the iron ore is often mixed with sulfur and oxygen, a process to remove that material, called smelting, is used. Carbon and other alloys are also added during this process which removes impurities and can strengthen the material. There are a number of different elements that can be added to give the material different characteristics such as increased stiffness or flexibility. Steel is also incredibly recyclable.

Steel building supplies range from nuts and bolts to large structural frame components such as I-beams and girders. On large structures they are often bolted as well as welded into place for added strength, but for smaller structures such as homes, garages, and warehouses bolts are more than suitable and much less expensive and time consuming.

One of the newest trends among steel building kits is using steel shipping containers as building blocks for much larger and unique looking structures. These are the same shipping containers used to transport goods by train, big rig and boat and are almost always used a least a few times. There is an abundance of containers in societies where imports are common such as America and much of the western world due to the cost of shipping empty containers back to refill them, it’s actually cheaper to make new ones than ship empty containers. This makes the price of these steel containers often under a thousand dollars per 40 ft section.

The great thing about steel shipping containers is their steel building frame which is water resistant and far from drafty. Entire sections of the wall can be cut out to accommodate floor to ceiling windows, doors, and any other home feature. They are easy to attach together in a variety of configurations and they make expanding and renovating easy. They are revolutionizing building techniques while lowering cost and putting otherwise useless material to a very beneficial task, providing shelter.

With a little bit of creativity, insulation and creature comforts these slightly garish boxes can be transformed into warm, inviting bungalows, galleries, cabins, homes, and businesses. These containers can be manufactured in a warehouse and simply loaded onto a trailer for transportation to their final destination making them one of the easiest and cost effective prefab steel buildings available ideal for everything from storage to modern living.

Steel can last for a long time when it is taken good care of. Rust, moisture and corrosion are the number one enemies for steel and can cause premature weakening and rust. The best way to keep steel rust free is to give it a fresh coat of paint every few years, or where ever corrosion begins to appear.

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